jared geizer

Jared Geizer Portfolio Website Development

This section shows the development process of this portfolio website itself. This site has been created with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, some Jquery, and a boilerplate.

GitHub Link

Some features that I am proud of

  • The greeting on the home page displays text based on the timecode in the browser. This uses javascript to change an HTML text. The time also affects the colors of the site. During daytime hours the text is dark and the background is white. During night time the text is white and the background is a dark grey. This is because of my personal disliking for bright screens at night time and how they can affect sleep patterns.

  • Overall the site is pretty responsive, there are still a few hiccups here and there that I am working on, but it is something that for the most part I enjoy doing.

  • Using Javascript instead of jquery to reduce loading times. Most of the code has beed designed to be pretty minimal to reduce loading because of the large images. I may end up replacing the javascript with jquery stuff eventually though.

  • Some p5.js implementation. I have used p5.js outside of a DOM, but the planes on the contact page is the first combining of the two. And its pretty responsive!!! I look foreward to doing similar fun things like this in the future

  • CSS animations, there are a couple css animations that I have created or modified, and there are more that I would like to add in the future.

  • Usibility and Upgradability. This site is way more usable that my previous portfolio. Not only that but this frame that has been created will allow for future improvements.

  • Version 1.3 (7-19-2018)